Vue.js woes of axios

So my making of my first app got delayed by my lack of understanding of resources under node.js .

The task was to use axios to fetch and post data to the fake todos list, but I couldn’t get axios to work for the longest time.

The issue was that axios installation via

npm install -g axios --save-dev

has to be done inside the actual project folder, eg C:\myvuecrap\currentvueproject , and not globally – or at least, that’s the case for a Windows 10 rig.

I have no energy to write out all the stuff I’ve learned after that since it’s all straight forward and in the video tutorial, but I am kinda happy I’m done with this and will be moving forward soon. The axios thing was a dampener because I thought I’ll have to re-think the whole dev strategy on this, but thankfully it was just a little misunderstanding. And my first app with all the extra cats works.

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