Vue.Js Javascript Prep, continued…

So, having done the simple stuff in JS with the help of JS For Cats and the Mozilla dev docs (of which I read… 0.003%) I’ve gone on through the Javascript Crash Course and realized I needed something more powerful than Quokka. SO I installed Live Server extension to my Visual Studio Code to be able to write my own js and html and run it live in my browser. The thing is awesome, it auto-reloads at every save and displays a ton of errors I made!!

So I went and did some classes, which… I do need to say I’m no stranger to OOP, I’m just stranger to OOP in Js. So it all seems straight forward to me, especially the latest syntax introduced in standard… I’ve no idea which one, just as long as it works! What does still puzzle me is the utter strangeness of arrow functions and passing of functions as variables.

Remaining in the spirit of js for cats
The kittyful output

And then I went and did the DOM section, and even fixed a bug in his code concerning the removal of msg div – if it’s just removed as he does it, the message thing never works again because… it’s removed. So I figured out a way to return it, and now I’m all full of myself and proud and sure I can just go into Vue.Js from this point, and pick up js as I go along. Yeah right, but I’ll do it anyway. 🙂

Done this fix all on my kittyful lonesome.

Anyway, what I really love is that I can just take these screenshots of code and paste them into the WP block editor and they just load into the Media and all that on their own. It’s sweet. I also found a tutorial on Vue.js plugins for WP, which is awesome. While I do want to write stuff for the web (and mobile) I really don’t want to have to become a security expert right at first, and WP handles all the security for me – so writing a plugin or two for WP would be neat.

This doesn’t give anyone a feeling of how long it took… it’s been 4 days, 1-2 hours of work per day, with Vue.Js installation having taken at least an hour. I had to research almost everything here, starting with VS Code, and my memory of Vue.Js and Js is absolutely non-existent. I’m good with general programming concepts as I did previously program in… ok, so it’s Pascal, Basic, Fortran, C++, pHp, Python, Matlab, Java, pml and I got a small tiny taste of c#.

So, starting a Vue.Js crash course soon and seeing where it gets me.

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