Vue.Js First Contact

I kind of thought I’d take the weekend off about this. But there’s a one good thing about my head; when it gets curious, it wants to continue exploring.

So the first piece of mind I got to was to realize, once I open my project in vue ui (yes, I will be using that. I respect those who use the command line, but I’m a visual person, I prefer the GUI if I can get it), I also have to serve it to actually see it. So Tasks and Serve on the Project Dashboard, and then the app gets (in foreseeable future) served at http://localhost:8080/.

That said, I quickly added a cat to my first (in a very long time) Vue app. I always add cats to know where I’m standing at. After that; I got to the 29 minutes mark in my crash course and am kinda starting to get how the v-bind works. v-for is really straight forward, but there are many foreign concepts here, courtesy of me sucking at Js. Never mind, will learn as I go.

I stopped here because the turotial goes on to explore a new concept of altering the css of a component according to a value of an object member, which is fine, I see how that’s going to be done and I’ll in fact try and do it myself first and then look at the tutorial; but I like to learn concepts slowly if I can – and here, I can.

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