Vue.Js Coding Camp’s Full Course For Beginners

So, I took an ungodly amount of time with this, mostly because other stuff kept happening, and… because I was lazy.

I am very curious about this, but it’s still hard to move into it after work and workout. So here’s the tutorial:

The tutorial itself is dope, some editing issues but hey, ask for your money back, right?

Anyway, the first part, which goes through Vue.Js basics is very interesting and important; will have to give that part a few more goes till it settles.

The Quiz App really got me into the spirit of development of this thing, I just wish I was strong enough to do it in a single sitting. It would’ve taken better. On the other hand, I was proud I was able to complete tasks ahead, without just following the tutorial.

Now going onto the pet app; hopefully I can do that in a single sitting…

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