Vue.Js and Javascript, The First Steps

Having just watched the Javascript Crash Course without getting my hands anywhere near dirty with actual coding, I figured it’s time to move on to some vue.js -ing.

So this is where I continued, up until about 14:00. So let’s stop right there for a while.

Vue.Js on a Windows Machine

First thing I did, is have a little research on how to install all this on my Windows 10 rig. Here’s the procedure I used:

  • Install Node.js
  • Enable Windows Subsystem For Linux – WSL Search Turn Windows Features On Or Off in Start,

So having done all that and finally ran the vue ui from my Node.Js Command prompt, I was quite pleased with myself to have set up my first (in a long time) vue.js project. By the way, I just pasted all this from my Evernote and I’m quite pleased how WP swallowed it all, including the image.

For some reason, it is a very aggressive project.

Aaand… this is where I stopped. Vue.Js is, after all, Js, and I am not sure I understand Js enough to tackle the rest of this tutorial in a way I’ll get the most of it. So I’m about to take some time to study Js first – not really do any programming tutorials with it, but take a better look and try some code. A quick google search got me convinced I need a solid understanding of objects, scope and DOM in JS, so I’d better get to that.

I started out with for ground zero basics, and using for actual reference. I installed Quokka.Js plugin to my Visual Studio Code to test my code on the fly, without the browser. It’s been working like a charm.

To be continued…

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