I kind of thought I’d take the weekend off about this. But there’s a one good thing about my head; when it gets curious, it wants to continue exploring. So the first piece of mind I got to was to realize, once I open my project in vue ui (yes,Check it out –>

So, having done the simple stuff in JS with the help of JS For Cats and the Mozilla dev docs (of which I read… 0.003%) I’ve gone on through the Javascript Crash Course and realized I needed something more powerful than Quokka. SO I installed Live Server extension to myCheck it out –>

Having just watched the Javascript Crash Course without getting my hands anywhere near dirty with actual coding, I figured it’s time to move on to some vue.js -ing. So this is where I continued, up until about 14:00. So let’s stop right there for a while. Vue.Js on a WindowsCheck it out –>