Smoke & Mirrors

Just a couple of videos and some materials on mirrors. This web site owns nothing and takes no credit, huge thanks to the authors.

Ray Diagrams – Mirrors

A little class on Ray diagrams for flat, concave and convex mirrors. To be used as learning aid.

Concave Mirror Demo

If you have issues visualizing the concave mirror stuff, here’s a demo…


GeoGebra app for Concave mirrors

Concave / convex mirrors – applications

Small concave mirror inside a rear view mirror of the car
Concave mirrors inside car headlights
Just for fun (note: concave to convex to concave transition)

Convex mirror (remember: no cave!)

Convex mirror – ray diagram
Straight (up) vs Convex (below) rear view mirror

Concentrating Solar Power

Mirrors that “power” steam power plants!?

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