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Exactly two months ago I started tampering with Photoshop. I have to admit it was never my tool of choice.  For slightly more demanding tasks I always used free warez like GIMP, while I left simple image enhancement to tools like Picasa and FastStone image viewer. Photoshop always seemed as too much hassle, too many features and too much power for the little I needed to do – like buying a Bentley to go 3 blocks away for grocery shopping every day. Sure, it picks up chicks, but I’m no lesbo.

Needless to say, love at first sight bloomed and now I’m in love with the thing even if my work is far from as good as I’d want it to be. But I can make things that annoy my friends by MadMaxing into every impossible event…

Immortan Joe's St. Patrick's day
Immortan Joe’s St. Patrick’s day. give the ol’ man a break, I bet he hasn’t had a cold one in 30 years.

And being a casual mountaineer, how cool was it to realize that I could actually salvage messed up photographs to a degree that would be near impossible to achieve with other tools?!

So how to get into it?

First, I went though some basics and learned bread&butter of it using Lynda video tutorials. Lynda’s a great resource for all of us people who like to learn on our own, and at our own pace. I’ve never been one for actual courses and classes, and I love Lynda’s stuff as it allows me to advance at my own leisure. If you’re like me, if you’re not the type to take an actual class and show up when they tell you and call it a day when told, but still want it laid out in a certain logical order when just starting out, Lynda’s a great place to start.

Word of caution, though: their Photoshop video tutorials are too damn detailed. The teachers are compelled to showcase each and every one of the 23764 ways to execute a single action, list every possible shortcut and key combination possible to activate a tool and explain every little detail ad nauseum. While it IS true that knowledge of shortcuts and key combos distinguishes the pro from the casual user, throwing it all at you from the very beginning breaks the workflow, can cause confusion, loss of interest and general feeling that you don’t remember anything from the video you just saw after… just seeing it.

Arm yourself with patience and, after completing each lesson, think of a project you’d like to complete that would employ newly learned skills, and get your hands down and dirty. If it proves too difficult, google the “How to” and plough deeper into the field.

Now, there’s still a long way for me to go, but I have now advanced to the point of having specific questions; so aside of Lynda, I’d like to make a note of some awesome tutorials I’ve stumbled upon and that made my life easier.

I’ll be updating this post so – stay tuned.


My Fave tutorials

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