MyCy’s New Groove

The summer’s out and the fresh air in the mountains embedded some fresh ideas into the thick head of yours truly.

One of them was that this site needed a new look, so – here it is. I have changed to the excellent Magazine Hoot theme from the… also very wonderful Oblique theme I originally used (and created a child theme of).

While it wasn’t easy to dismiss of my own Child Theme, the amount and diversity of content on this little site started demanding a superior level of organization to what’s achievable by the Oblique theme which is primarily a portfolio / product showcase theme.

I really didn’t want to use a Magazine theme for this site, but I am kind of amused at how well it seems to be coming along.

Implementing Magazine Hoot is very fun, allows for a lot of creative freedom without much need for programming, and I still haven’t felt the need to child it – which is awesome. Keep exploring!

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