MyCy Goes 5.0.2!

So we got a huge WordPress update for Christmas!!! Aaand… not everybody is positively excited, or so the blogs speak. Many old web sites are likely to have issues, custom and proprietary themes are going to have to be adjusted and, most importantly, it will make the old developers and creators learn new tricks.

Gutenberg now allows for quick&easy image URL linking. Absence of this was one of the reasons I abandoned it initially…

It will take some honing. Right off the bat I am irritated they didn’t add Justify text to the paragraph block. OK, so a bit of googling yielded why it was removed, and I was able to add it with a simple css class after installing the WP Add Custom CSS plugin in order to keep control of my additional css even when changing themes. But why should I have to question certainly comes to mind.

Why shoulčd I have to?

However. Year 2019 brought me, the humble owner of MyCy, many new things. A new job, a rather challenging one. A new living arrangement. New tasks on some web sites I maintain. And I am determined to live up to the challenge!

I’m happy to report the 5.0.2. update is going quick&easy on most my sites. Yoast SEO and WP-Optimize created some issues, but deactivating them before applying the Update and then re-activating them fixed everything up. Writing this article I was a bit confused to where did my Yoast go, but I found my answers here (quick tip: look to the right upper edge of your editor!).

So I am actually quite excited to start learning about Gutenberg and other new things about new WordPress, and employ it’s new possibilities in my web site creation. I have to admit I fell in love with WordPress the moment I tried it. Unlike other CMS systems I tried out and didn’t quite dig, WordPress allowed me to focus on creativity and design rather than code, which, for a hobbyist like me, is definitely awesome. I’d rather see my favorite tool grow and make me work a little to catch up, than grow old and deprecated and be forced to use something that will require more time than I can spare to deal with.

So starting right here: in order to understand the new stuff! 🙂

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