firstly and fore mostly:


and if this ever changes, I’ll let you know right up there ^^^^

If you see any ads on this web site, they’re placed here by the free web hosting service I use to host this web page, and no percentage of that income goes into my pockets.

 This web site is something like my personal notebook / journal which I enjoy adding stuff to, and which I keep public exclusively because someone else might find it as useful and fun as I do.

I don’t own most of the things on this page, and before you ask, no, I didn’t ask permission of their respectful owners before using them. If I went and did that, the time it would take to verify and communicate all the allowances would make it completely impossible for me to maintain the webs pace while earning absolutely nothing for doing it. Same goes for my own work that’s based off tampering with other people’s stuff. I do have my own actual portfolio page, but legal considerations kept me chasing my tail about what I can and what I can not publish on it. So when in doubt, I publish some of that stuff here.

If any of the respectful owners dislikes being featured on a place that helps them out but brings nothing to the owner; don’t bother wasting your money on coercion: just drop me a line and I’ll promptly remove your stuff.

I see sharing without gaining profits or taking credit to be an acceptable way of sharing, and I believe in a world where pointing people to awesome content isn’t a crime. I also believe that tampering with other people’s art in order to create more art is a good thing – it is a learning experience for the tamperer artist, and a great compliment to the artist whose work is tampered with. For what other proof of great art, than that it inspires more art?

The way I see it, this web space does nothing but boost the views for the stuff linked to it, and I do make sure to credit and link where ever possible: after all, this stuff is up here firstly and fore mostly because I respect and cherish it.

Free as in Freedom

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