Day 9 – Jim Stoppani Full Body Burn and a 3 Hour Cardio Session

Pre Workout Musings

A 3 hour cardio session may sound like insanity. But it’s another Saturday and that means time to replace conventional training with a bit of outdoor adventure.

This weekend it’s mountain biking time and it’s going to kick my ass as well as my legs and abs. And of course it’s going to be really fun!

The Workout

This day’s trail is a little special in the sense it was a part of Parenzana MTB trail in Istria. It’s a part of an old railway that connected Croatian to Italian Istria (as it were, Istria is a peninsula, so a geographical, not a political term). It’s a fun ride with tunnels, bridges and above all beautiful views of nature. I could yap on, but a picture is worth a 1000 words so…

A little bridge
Perfect view
Break on top
A little olive garden
Old stuff
Mediterranean for you
Asphalt on the way back

Post Workout Musings

Well, it was a nice – and a little crushing,, as MTB rides after a long winter pause usually are! The first 2 km were a constant up hill on very demanding terrain, so my legs, butt and shoulders took a bit of a beating and the climb was quite sweat inducing; but beautiful weather, views and adrenaline were great!

The downhill is far from my favorite, but I survived the 4 km of that and then pushed the nice straight 12 km of flat asphalt with ease. We totalled 38 km in 3 hours, burnt about 1200 kcal and overcome a 500 m total ascent. Not bad for the first ride of the year

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