Day 5 – Jim Stoppani Full Body Burn

Pre Workout Reflections

The 30-35 reps workout. What’s more to say? I’ve no idea how this is going to feel.

I do know it will feel worse for being done at 8 pm after a 2 hour dog grooming session.

The Workout

  • deadlift vs floor press
  • band pulldown vs ez bar military press
  • incline flye vs dumbbell row
  • EZ bar curl vs lateral raise
  • dumbbell curl vs triceps extension
  • band crunch vs bent over lateral raise

The weights were maybe a bit too light, I haven’t reached failure on all exercises – but I did on most. While I do have to admit there is some satisfaction to completing a set of 30 flyes or curls or even rows, this was prevailingly boring. It was more mentally than physically exhausting. And it took 48 minutes to finish, but they felt like 3 hours.

I’m thinking about never doing this again. Just replacing it with the 20-25 rep range workout.

It was boring.

Post Workout

I felt disatisfied, bored, and sweaty. I’m sure the workout hit it’s mark. It just left my brain stranded.

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