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Day 13! – Stoppani 4 Week Full Body Burn and Heavy Metal

Pre Workout musings

So, back in the saddle after 2 days without workout. I felt all pumped throughout the day but then has to talk myself to go to the gym because the bed still felt so good. It was going to be a bit of a late workout, but I was stern – I wasn’t skipping it third day in a row.

This time it’s a 6-8 day, and since I haven0t done 6-8 rep range compound sets – having forgotten to reprogram on day 6 – I’m making up for that now.

This also means I am skipping the 30-35 reps workout which was supposedly scheduled yesterday.

Skipping Workouts and Heavy Metal

So here I would like to discuss scheduling rest days and skipping workouts.

So far I had no real rest days, and I haven’t skipped a single workout. I had a couple non lifting days which I deliberately coincided with “long cardio days” – my mountaineering or cycling trips. One more like that is coming up in 2 days.

So most of the time I manage to arrange my workouts around Life as such, and I have arranged my Life so that my social activities are… Well, active. I find this to be a very essential and integral part of a fairly healthy lifestyle. Majority of modern people are jailed inside most of the time, and this is a serious problem not only for fitness but also for the immune system, micronutrient balance and overall health. Even weight lifting is mostly done inside (unless you’re one of those lucky dogs who live in California or the few similar places around the world). During wintertime, I sometimes spend several consecutive days without going outside for more than an hour per day – and that because of my dog. Choosing to socialise inside, indulge restaurants, shopping malls, movie theaters or pubs only adds to the problem. Not that I don’t do those – I actually do all of those, except restaurants – but they usually come after a long session of active hanging out with my mates in nature. Where our bodies not only move and spend calories; but also have to fight off various bacteria and viruses, manage the cold, the rain, the heat and the bugs and it all works up your immune system. (To be continued… )

The Workout

To move on to the workout, here’s what I did in the 6-8 rep range. I intended to make a different order of exercises, starting with the biceps and proceeding to legs, delts, then on to back and chest. However the gym was packed so I did what I could with what I had:

  • Pull ups vs db rows CA box-ups
  • Db presses vs db pendlay rows CS mountain climbers
  • Machine presses vs db flyes CA db dealifts
  • Cable curls vs side cable curls CA goblet squats
  • Hack squats vs machine deadlifts CA side bends
  • Triceps pushup vs cable overhead raises with rope CA woodchoppers/side bends

I used Cardio Acceleration to incorporate cardio. The options I chose are a bit on the slow side because there were a lot of people moving around me and I tend to avoid explosive and erratic movements if at all possible.

The weights I was using were decent; 18 kg pieces for dumbbell rows, 16 kg for db presses, 110 kg for hack squats, 75 for machine deads and 65 for machine presses. I worked up to these weights mind, and I did some warmup sets. Note, I do only a single exercise for warm, but I don’t skip CA between warmup sets.

I also chose some machine options in order to minimize exercise prep (aka “rest between exercises” 🙂

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