Day 10 – Stoppani’s 4 Week Full Body Burn and How To Deal With Screwups

Pre Workout Musings

So, after that nice ride in beautiful weather the Sunday hits with rain and ugly. Perfect for a home workout – even if my body feels like it’s fit for nothing else but a lie down. A 3 hour MTB ride will do that to you, especially if you haven’t had one in a long time. But, today is the 16-20 day and I should be up to that kind of workout.

However, a 3 hour MTB ride gives one a lot of time to think, too. About meaning of life, insulation on ships, and past workouts. And what struck me is, that my last two workouts were entirely mistaken!

I dunno how I didn’t think about that, but the 6-8 and 8-10 workouts shouldn’t have been supersets, they should have been compound sets!

So, what to do and how to fix this mistake? Can it even be fixed?

Well, when it comes to mistakes like this, my go-to solution is to act as if nothing happened. I know a lot of people who are covert excuses under a guise of a perfectionist, who would just cut the program, or restart it, for lack of perfection. Of course they’d restart it after several rest&over eating days.

Me, I will just do this workout as a compound and continue as programmed. Mistakes happen. And when they do happen, it’s about what you do to minimize the damage. So business as usual!

There, no biggie. Oh, and since this is a high rep one and I had a big cardio session yesterday, just a workout today, no cardio acceleration. Let’s hit it!

The Workout

The workout I did is as follows:

  • Straight leg deadlift vs dumbbell rows
  • Incline flyes vs floor press
  • Squat vs lunge
  • EZ bar press vs band stretch
  • Band crunches vs crunches
  • Db curls vs EZ bar curls

So, a typical sompound set setup. I started with big muscle groups first, so to get them out of the way while I’m still relatively fresh. I separated delts and biceps with some abwork in order to recover my arms for a decent biceps compound. I also separated chest from delts with legs.

I don’t intend to make this a pattern by any means, though; as I plan to switch the order of body parts in order to train them more evenly.

This turned out to be something I was barely up to. It is no secret I am not sure how to program high rep comound sets, and yes, some fatigue set in, especially after yesterday’s ride. This resulted in me having to use lighter weights than I expected. It was 37 kg deadlift, 2×17. 5 kg dumbbells for rows and flyes, 27 kg for floor press and squats, 22 kg on EZ bar press, and 10 kg dumbbells and 17 kg EZ bar for curls.

I have to admit I barely made it through the workout and I’ve no idea how I’ll manage to live through the one tomorrow, if I even go do it. Which I probably will because Tuesday I won’t have time for gym.

By the way, I also walked 6 km today. Yeah, I do tend to stay active outside of workout.

The Diet

For once, the idet was on point, with slightly higher protein intake. Not much to say here.

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