Oh dear goodness. So I went and did the following tutorial after my pet adoption app. I wanted to do a web store instead of this, but this used Laravel and the web store app uses Firebase… and I already know some pHp so I figured this will be anCheck it out –>

Several days ago, I created this Adopt – A – Pet test app based on this tutorial, and it was a very useful, even a little inspiring learning experience. Most of all I loved learning about vuex. I might be coming back to this one for reference. I don’t feelCheck it out –>

So why would anything go easy when it can be difficult and complicated? The Adopt Pets whatever app in the tutorial requires node-ass installation. Which, of course, spectacularly failed on my Windows machine. My fail resembled this post, so I… did everything described in it. I installed Python 3.9 andCheck it out –>

So, I took an ungodly amount of time with this, mostly because other stuff kept happening, and… because I was lazy. I am very curious about this, but it’s still hard to move into it after work and workout. So here’s the tutorial: The tutorial itself is dope, some editingCheck it out –>

I do realize this has become more of a journal than a useful code tutorial tracker, but I don’t care. No one’s reading this but me anyway. So I had a bit of a long, uncreative pause after completing the crash course. I am fighting a big battle with myCheck it out –>

So my making of my first app got delayed by my lack of understanding of resources under node.js . The task was to use axios to fetch and post data to the fake https://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com/ todos list, but I couldn’t get axios to work for the longest time. The issue wasCheck it out –>

I kind of thought I’d take the weekend off about this. But there’s a one good thing about my head; when it gets curious, it wants to continue exploring. So the first piece of mind I got to was to realize, once I open my project in vue ui (yes,Check it out –>

So, having done the simple stuff in JS with the help of JS For Cats and the Mozilla dev docs (of which I read… 0.003%) I’ve gone on through the Javascript Crash Course and realized I needed something more powerful than Quokka. SO I installed Live Server extension to myCheck it out –>

Having just watched the Javascript Crash Course without getting my hands anywhere near dirty with actual coding, I figured it’s time to move on to some vue.js -ing. So this is where I continued, up until about 14:00. So let’s stop right there for a while. Vue.Js on a WindowsCheck it out –>

In 2020, what with Corona and the lockdowns, all the Happe Puppies and Look on the Brightsiders and Positivers and others who see the world through pink glasses were clamoring about how awesome this opportunity is for some long delayed personal development, learning of new skills and… all that stuffCheck it out –>