Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison AC generator Difference between AC and DC generators Difference between AC and DC comutators:Check it out –>

*not really free as in freedom, but free as in “no charge” Free Microsoft Office for high school students Instructions: Access: Log in with your CARNet username and password. You can use it online, or install to your computer. Freebies from CARNet Did you know you get access toCheck it out –>

Some videos on how electric guitar pickups work, “anatomy” of a guitar pickup and the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction in guitar pickups. It all leads up to how electricity is generated, how electric generators work, and also to basic DC electric motor operation principles. Huge thanks to the awesome authorsCheck it out –>

A few cool videos on basics of magnetism. Big thanks to the great people who made them, this web page owns nothing and claims no credit. What is a magnet? Oersted’s Experiment Magnetic field of a wireCheck it out –>