Various power sources, how they work and how they create electricity Chemical sources How does a battery work AND why aren’t all batteries rechargeable??? Wireless inductive charging Tesla battery A bit of deeper chemistry for the curious Light / solar sources How does a solar cell work Thermoelectric sources HowCheck it out –>

Heat engines and second law of thermodynamics Carnot cycle Carnot cycle Demo Four Stroke Engine Gasoline vs Diesel Engine configurations V6 vs Straight 6 Piston vs Rotary 2-stroke engine Striling engine JET ENGINEEEEEEES…!!!!! How a steam turbine work Heat Cycles – Kružni procesi it out –>

*not really free as in freedom, but free as in “no charge” Free Microsoft Office for high school students Instructions: Access: Log in with your CARNet username and password. You can use it online, or install to your computer. Freebies from CARNet Did you know you get access toCheck it out –>

Let’s experience thermal dilatation phenomena in real life and some lab experiments Track Features – Flora, MS Derailment from Thermal Expansion Sun Kink A thermal expansion lab experiment   Why does ice float in water? – George Zaidan and Charles Morton Poetry in Physics: Anomalous expansion of waterCheck it out –>

Just a couple of vids on basic matters of atoms. How the heck do we know they’re there? Well, in the olden days it was down to Brownian motion – but nowadays, we got better stuff in our tool sheds. As always, great thanks to the authors of these vids:Check it out –>