How do planets move and other basic stuff in moving pictures. Earth’s motion around the sun Why do planets orbit???? How do tides work Size comparison of the universe 10 crazy planetsCheck it out –>

How Newton was… all wrong, really. Wrong. GRAVITY EXPLAINED | Universe documentary | Simulated reality documentaries Gravitational waves detected 2017 The Absurdity of Detecting Gravitational Waves Goats don’t even gravity.Check it out –>

*not really free as in freedom, but free as in “no charge” Free Microsoft Office for high school students Instructions: Access: Log in with your CARNet username and password. You can use it online, or install to your computer. Freebies from CARNet Did you know you get access toCheck it out –>

Position / velocity / acceleration explained – a quick recap How fast is fast – speed of land animals   ThrustSSC – the fastest land machine at the moment – 1223.657 km/h     Acceleration – 0-400 km/h in 42 seconds – Bugatti Chiron   Speed of sound (340.29 m /Check it out –>

Vector addition, specially applied to calculation of forces on an object (body) has a vast application in practice. Every human made structure – be it a building, a telegraph pole, a locker or a table – needs to be calculated and the forces that are applied to that structure observedCheck it out –>