About those elementary particles. Quarks =>elementary particles What are subatomic particles? What are quarks Standard model of elementary particles Gluon – the stuff that keeps the stuff together https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Color_charge     “Strong force” or “Color Force”   What are gluons And how the empty space is not empty   WhatCheck it out –>

A few videos to make the quantum reality perfectly unclear. Quantum theory made easy pt 2 – the duality of matter What does an atom really look like?    Check it out –>

How do planets move and other basic stuff in moving pictures. Earth’s motion around the sun Why do planets orbit???? How do tides work Size comparison of the universe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbbUo3q6LRE 10 crazy planetsCheck it out –>

Various power sources, how they work and how they create electricity Chemical sources How does a battery work AND why aren’t all batteries rechargeable??? Wireless inductive charging Tesla battery A bit of deeper chemistry for the curious Light / solar sources How does a solar cell work Thermoelectric sources HowCheck it out –>

Fancy shoes, awesome formulas, and how it was all… wrong. …And again, for good measure The Photoelectric Effect (and how it works) The Photoelectric Effect (and how it works) The Photoelectric Effect model http://iwant2study.org/lookangejss/06QuantumPhysics/ejss_model_photoelectriceffectwee3/photoelectriceffectwee3_Simulation.xhtml   Wave particle duality   How it’s all… wrongly PUTCheck it out –>

Heat engines and second law of thermodynamics Carnot cycle Carnot cycle Demo http://galileoandeinstein.physics.virginia.edu/more_stuff/flashlets/carnot.htm Four Stroke Engine Gasoline vs Diesel Engine configurations V6 vs Straight 6 Piston vs Rotary 2-stroke engine Striling engine JET ENGINEEEEEEES…!!!!! How a steam turbine work Heat Cycles – Kružni procesi https://www.fsb.unizg.hr/termovel/Kruzni_proces7.pdfCheck it out –>

Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison AC generator Difference between AC and DC generators Difference between AC and DC comutators:Check it out –>

How Newton was… all wrong, really. Wrong. GRAVITY EXPLAINED | Universe documentary | Simulated reality documentaries Gravitational waves detected 2017 The Absurdity of Detecting Gravitational Waves Goats don’t even gravity.Check it out –>

*not really free as in freedom, but free as in “no charge” Free Microsoft Office for high school students Instructions: https://office365.skole.hr/default/pristup#u2 Access: https://www.office.com/ Log in with your CARNet username and password. You can use it online, or install to your computer. Freebies from CARNet Did you know you get access toCheck it out –>

All about lenses – A Quick Course Convex lenses – Ray diagrams How a telescope works Photographic lenses the beginning of this video explains how focal length relates to field of view. The rest… is for those who love photography. Keep exploring! How an eye works – simplified How anCheck it out –>

Elusive fish   Refraction vs Reflection (2:60 for total reflection) So how does a periscope work? There’s another way, tho! Laser and optical prism fun The Easy Rider  Light fantastic (6.05.2018 ROGER WATERS, ARENA ZAGREB!) Snell’s law The Lord of the Light No Photoshop? No problem! (Prisms as photographic effectCheck it out –>

Position / velocity / acceleration explained – a quick recap How fast is fast – speed of land animals   ThrustSSC – the fastest land machine at the moment – 1223.657 km/h     Acceleration – 0-400 km/h in 42 seconds – Bugatti Chiron   Speed of sound (340.29 m /Check it out –>

Vector addition, specially applied to calculation of forces on an object (body) has a vast application in practice. Every human made structure – be it a building, a telegraph pole, a locker or a table – needs to be calculated and the forces that are applied to that structure observedCheck it out –>

Let’s experience thermal dilatation phenomena in real life and some lab experiments Track Features – Flora, MS Derailment from Thermal Expansion Sun Kink A thermal expansion lab experiment   Why does ice float in water? – George Zaidan and Charles Morton Poetry in Physics: Anomalous expansion of waterCheck it out –>

Just a couple of videos and some materials on mirrors. This web site owns nothing and takes no credit, huge thanks to the authors. Ray Diagrams – Mirrors A little class on Ray diagrams for flat, concave and convex mirrors. To be used as learning aid. Concave Mirror Demo IfCheck it out –>

Some videos on how electric guitar pickups work, “anatomy” of a guitar pickup and the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction in guitar pickups. It all leads up to how electricity is generated, how electric generators work, and also to basic DC electric motor operation principles. Huge thanks to the awesome authorsCheck it out –>

A few cool videos on basics of magnetism. Big thanks to the great people who made them, this web page owns nothing and claims no credit. What is a magnet? Oersted’s Experiment Magnetic field of a wireCheck it out –>

Just a couple of vids on basic matters of atoms. How the heck do we know they’re there? Well, in the olden days it was down to Brownian motion – but nowadays, we got better stuff in our tool sheds. As always, great thanks to the authors of these vids:Check it out –>