Back online has been down due to a… faulty wordpress plugin. See as I got a white screen, I wrongly assumed it was due to me deleting the whole site during the last maintenance cycle :)I had no time to check this out before, so you can imagine my joy when I finally sat down to see what’s happened and found out… hey, it’s just a bit of faulty code!

So, here comes a quick tutorial on how to deal with these things before I forget how to tackle these issues!

#1  find out what the problem is

Malfunctioning plugins cause the WordPress white screen of Death by inserting faulty third-party php code. Best way to view this code is to change up local wp-config.php file by inserting the

define('WP_DEBUG', true);

code into it. This will enable php error messages which will clue you in on which plugin might be the culrpit.

#2  turn off the evil plugins

Now, turning a plugin off while being unable to access the admin panel might seem to be impossible, but in fact it’s terribly easy: just access your files via ftp client and change the name of the plugins folder to something like plugins.deactivated to turn off ALL the plugins…

Or, if the above diagnostics clued you in to who or what the culprit was, change only that one plugin’s folder name, like so:

See: easy peasy!

#3  fix it up

Once you’ve turned off all the evil plugins and removed all the faulty code, you should be able to log into your admin account.

I suggest doing all the updates and upgrades as the first step, and then proceeding to re-activating the deactivated plugins and finding out what went wrong.

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