Let’s experience thermal dilatation phenomena in real life and some lab experiments Track Features – Flora, MS Derailment from Thermal Expansion Sun Kink A thermal expansion lab experiment   Why does ice float in water? – George Zaidan and Charles Morton Poetry in Physics: Anomalous expansion of waterCheck it out –>

Just a couple of videos and some materials on mirrors. This web site owns nothing and takes no credit, huge thanks to the authors. Ray Diagrams – Mirrors A little class on Ray diagrams for flat, concave and convex mirrors. To be used as learning aid. Concave Mirror Demo IfCheck it out –>

Some videos on how electric guitar pickups work, “anatomy” of a guitar pickup and the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction in guitar pickups. It all leads up to how electricity is generated, how electric generators work, and also to basic DC electric motor operation principles. Huge thanks to the awesome authorsCheck it out –>

A few cool videos on basics of magnetism. Big thanks to the great people who made them, this web page owns nothing and claims no credit. What is a magnet? Oersted’s Experiment Magnetic field of a wireCheck it out –>

Just a couple of vids on basic matters of atoms. How the heck do we know they’re there? Well, in the olden days it was down to Brownian motion – but nowadays, we got better stuff in our tool sheds. As always, great thanks to the authors of these vids:Check it out –>

Have you heard of the Mad Max Fury Road Black&Chrome edition? Well, if you didn’t, you have now: it’s the edition of this amazing movie done in B&W – but not just any B&W, the B&W that was specially designed and edited to be just what the great movie directorCheck it out –>

So I wanted to create a banner image for my wordpress-related posts on this web site. I envisioned something that would be recognizable and unique, so all my wp posts could be immediately recognized contain the WordPress logo fit into the overall Mad Max theme of the web site SoCheck it out –>

While writing up my Photon troubles blog post, I encountered the issue of displaying a code snippet in a wordpres-driven site. Googling this issue I’ve found that there are, in fact, many wordpress plug-ins available for resolving this issue and that there is also some code-display support integrated in WordPress itself.Check it out –>

It’s a bit ironic that on the web site I have set up for – among other things – testing purposes, I have a seemingly unresolvable issue with Jetpack’s Photon. So what is Photon? To quote the official documentation, “Photon is an image acceleration and editing service for sites hostedCheck it out –>

It’s spring 2017. now, and it’s time for a new workout that will help me lose fat, improve performance and still gain me some size – the usual demands at the time when you start realizing you’ll be wearing a lot less clothes but also be under much more physicalCheck it out –>

Exactly two months ago I started tampering with Photoshop. I have to admit it was never my tool of choice.  For slightly more demanding tasks I always used free warez like GIMP, while I left simple image enhancement to tools like Picasa and FastStone image viewer. Photoshop always seemed asCheck it out –>