This web site is standing in as my personal notebook / journal which I enjoy adding stuff to, and which I keep public exclusively because someone else might find some of the content here as useful and as fun as I do. It contains posts about my work, my interests, my workouts, thoughts, ideas, articles, reviews, fan girling outbursts, in short – anything that comes to mind. This is My Cytadel.

Why the Mad Max theme?

I cannot express how much I respect, love and appreciate the existence of this awesome movie. Seeing it was an experience that changed my paradigm on how I see the world, how much I appreciate all the nature and life that is around us. It literally made me feel privilegded to be able to flush and it will keep me feeling this so I can remember to fight to maintain this privilege.

Aside of that, it really made me grateful for the kind of human beings we’re privileged to become in the world teeming with resources and riches that we have now. But it also made it clear to me, how deeply set the creativity and need for artistic and beautiful is rooted in human nature.

So the theme’s meaning, for me, is two fold: it is a sort of a reminder to everything we should be grateful for and how important it is that we should strive to preserve and maintain it, but also a sort of an hommage to creativity at large, in all of it’s aspects and manifestations. 

Is 100% of the stuff on this site your work?

In short: no. Many pictures and photos are taken off the internet, and I do try to credit but sometimes, when finding the actual author would take too long, I give up. I do take care to take share&share alike licensed stuff, but I am also capable of making mistakes. 

The embedded and linked tutorials belong to their respective authors and my hope is that they’ll get at least one extra click due to their appearance on my site. I take no credit and try to build my own posts around modifications, work-arounds and ideas I came up with through the learning experience of using their tutorials. These I consider “my own” although I am sure other people can easily come up with that stuff on their own.

If you have a deeper interest in legal issues, please visit my legal stuff page. If you found some of your own work here and don’t like having it here or don’t like how it’s treated, don’t bother lawyering up – just contact me and I’ll fix it up any way you like.

Is at least your stuff on the site original work?

I’d like to think so, however not all of my work here is 100% pure original work in the most purist sense. 

This is partially the reason why I set up this web site as “My Sandbox”, a place where I showcase my “toys” and my work of questionable originality. My original stuff I showcase on my official portfolio site, while here I just put stuff out for fun. 

However the stuff I say I made myself, I did make myself, even if I may have used other people’s work as parts of photoshopped images, or other people’s characters and worlds as subjects of my drawings, vectors and images. 

What if I think this stuff is crap?

Then it likely is! The point of this site is not to showcase awesome stuff or serve as a sort of a portfolio, but to serve as a sort of a journal so I can track my learning experience and use the stuff here as a reminder. My hope is that other people can find this stuff useful, beneficial or at least motivational -even if in the “at least I’m better than this gal” sense!- so I am putting it out instead of keeping it to myself.

However, if you happen to detect something here that is just plain wrong or can be done in a smarter way, please contact me so I can update and fix the information and so we can all learn better!

Why is this web site WordPress driven?

WordPress allows me to go full quick-simple-and-easy and focus on my work, my content and my visual presentation when this is what I want to do, but it also allows for going full-deep-and-technical into the code when I feel this is called for, which, for me, allows the perfect balance between productivity and control.