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The Battle of the Sheriffs of Nottingham

I have a confession to make: I really kind of liked the new 2018 Robin Hood movie. I know, I know, it wasn’t very good, objectively speaking, but it wasn’t horribly bad – again, objectively speaking. At the very least it managed to be entertaining, introduce some engaging characters and

MyCy Goes 5.0.2!


Day 10 – Stoppani’s 4 Week Full Body Burn and How To Deal With Screwups

Pre Workout Musings So, after that nice ride in beautiful weather the Sunday hits with rain and ugly. Perfect for a home workout – even if my body feels like it’s fit for nothing else but a lie down. A 3 hour MTB ride will do that to you, especially

Strange things happen to strange people.

In a strange set of not very fortunate circumstances, I ended up far from my usual professional paths: teaching physics at a high school. An interesting experience to say the least, created a part of this site which serves just to share interesting stuff about the universe at large.



The Best Movie I’ve Seen in My Life

The Zoo of Particles

Quantum theory –

Quickie with Einstein

How Planets Groove

Sources of electricity

Three – phase current